Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Study Shows Low Income Family Health Insurance Care

There are so many problems in our health care delivery system and its financing structure that even families who have health insurance are having problems getting care as well as paying for it Family Health Insurance, according to a recent study by an Oregon Health & Science University family physician.

The study Family Health Insurance, Insurance Plus Access Does Not Equal Health Care: Family Health Insurance Typology of Barriers to Health Care Access for Low Income Families, recently was published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine.Incremental health insurance reforms alone are not going to solve these problems.

The study was designed to the identify barriers low-income parents face when accessing health care for their children and how insurance status affects their reporting of these barriers. DeVoe found three major barriers: lack of insurance coverage, poor access to services and unaffordable costs. Even families with health insurance had trouble affording the co-pays as well as needed medications.Family Health Insurance with public health insurance had trouble getting access to a health care provider. When they did gain access Family Health Insurance.

The study population included all Oregon families enrolled in the federal food stamp program at the end of January 2005 with children who were also presumed eligible for publicly funded health insurance.We have insurance and we have a family physician, Family Health Insurance but we can't afford to get health care. The second group's could be: We have health insurance, but we can't always find the care that we need. Family Health Insurance And for the third group: Because we have no health insurance, we can't get care.

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